Tips to Make Selling Your Oklahoma House Easier!

Prepared to sell your Oklahoma house? Here are the estimated times as well as some advice on how to move more quickly (and still get a great price).

In Oklahoma, how long does it typically take to sell a home?

In Oklahoma, the average time to sell a home is 83 days, including the 48 days it takes to get an offer and the final 35 days needed for the closing. This is roughly 5.1% slower than the country as a whole.

Remember that these are yearly averages and that the statistics will change depending on the month and/or season.

In Oklahoma, June is the greatest month to sell a house quickly. Oklahoma properties posted in June typically sell in 37 days, which is 11 days quicker than the yearly average.

Tips to get your Oklahoma home sold

Using comparative market analysis, set a competitive price for your house:

Your home’s initial list price has a significant impact on the number of buyers offers you receive and the length of time it is on the market.

For instance, many purchasers will pass over your home in search of one with a lower price elsewhere if you price it too much above market value.

Additionally, buyers will be more hesitant to close the deal if you price your home too low below market value since they will assume there is a problem with the house because it is so inexpensive.

Use comparative market research to determine your home’s market value and how to price it to attract more buyer offers (CMA). A CMA compares the price of your property to those of recently sold comparable homes in the neighborhood.

Correct big problems:

If there is a significant problem with your home that would deter many potential purchasers, fix it! In the family room, are there shag carpets? Consider replacing this with brand-new carpeting. Water softener not working properly? Spend the cash to have this mended or buy a brand-new one. large crack in the structure of the wall?

Purchase some quality drywall, then fix the flaw. Unpleasant linoleum peeling in the kitchen? Install completely new floor coverings. As long as it isn’t too expensive, everything that could make the house feel anxious right away needs to be fixed. Never forget to imagine yourself in the shoes of a potential property buyer!

Highlight your location’s best qualities:

Many young folks are drawn to Oklahoma by its robust economy, robust employment market, and a large number of colleges and universities, with the majority opting for houses close to the action.

Buyers will seek out properties that offer quick access to the metro area’s employment, educational, recreational, and nightlife attractions. Indicate whether your house is close to any major highways that provide quick access to large cities or convenient public transportation.

Include information on your home’s excellent school system, safe area, and proximity to parks, supermarkets, coffee shops, and local businesses.

Set up your house:

A staged home sells 88% faster and for 20% more than an unstaged property, according to, since staging your home makes it easier for potential buyers to see themselves living there.

To highlight your home’s best features and attract more buyer offers, a professional stager will come and help you tidy, rearrange, or remove furnishings.

Since you might not be aware of how faded your old couch is or see the obvious chips in your stair banisters, a stager can provide a fresh point of view.


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